War Weary World

So…yeah. Friday pretty much is…well…on our minds. One of the worst mass shootings in our national history…and some of the youngest victims. I could really only think of the families and my own nephews. Both are to young for school…but as my oldest nephew creeps towards his second birthday next month, school seems inevitable.

But what became immediately frustrating was seeing the gun control debate that erupted. Before I saw the calls to gun control I saw people complaining in anticipation. And when I saw calls for gun control? I saw vile and hateful responses from the pro-gun lobby. This was, of, course, alongside their calls that this was not the time. Let the families grieve. But when is the right time to discuss it? In the minds of the anti-control lobby? Never.

Time after time, people are shot and killed in our schools, workplaces, places of worship… And we cannot talk about changes to our gun laws. The NRA and gun lobby will not hear of it. All because of a straw man.

Nobody is talking about outlawing guns completely. Nobody is coming after hunting rifles or a lot of basic handguns people purchaese. Simply, people are looking to make certain types of guns less accessible. A lot of the guns in recent mass shootings were purchased legally. If the death of twenty children cannot make one at least be willing to discuss it? I shudder.