Some Rejected April Fools Posts

28 Page Why Nickleback is Awesome Manifesto.  Rejected because while making fun of Nickleback is easy, they are not “28 pages of pretending they are awesome” easy.

Racism/Sexism/Homophobia: Just Get Over It Already/Offended? Suck It Up Already

Why White Men Should Be able to Use the “N Word”

Why Gamergate Is Right

Why vetting a replacement is pointless

Being a Comedian Should Mean You Never Have to Say You Are Sorry

All rejected for fear of someone distributing them with a “This guy gets it!” mentality.

Walk On (Spoilers)

Spoilers follow…

Tragic death is kind of a way of life for the Walking Dead.  By the end of the season, at least a couple seemingly big characters are killed.  The series only has about four or five people left from the first season (Rick, Glenn, Carol, Carl and Morgan).

And yet, death was not the primary focus of Sunday’s season finale for season 5.  It was survival, mercy and the value of life.  From the seemingly certain sacrifices and threats of murder, there were only two characters that lost their lives.  For all the anticipation, Glenn survived the season, showing Nick mercy after Nick tried to murder him.

After throwing the crew under the bus, and showing Sasha tremendous disgust…after demeaning her, her brother and Bob, the truth comes out…it is really his own self loathing driving his actions.  He let his parishioners die horrible fates because he was a coward.  We saw glimpses before…but here he was ready to die, because he was broken from the guilt.  And yet, in the end, rather than kill Gabriel, we see Maggie, Sasha and Gabriel holding hands, clearly praying.  I was not happy with Gabriel going behind the family’s back…but I am all for a redemptive message.

The final moments before the credits were powerful.  As Deanna cradles her dying husband, you see her idealism seems to bleed out with him.  The look on her face tells us that in that moment, she decided to side with and trust Rick’s view on how it has to work.  And yet, the story gives us a final glimpse with Morgan, Daryl and Aaron, the reaction of horror as Morgan speaks Rick’s name.  The setup for next season is strong.

I also noticed that the show did some real misdirection, using fan’s knowledge of the comics.  The “W” did not turn out to be Whisperers.

Clearing the Way

I watched the documentary Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief last night on HBO.

It is a compelling portrait of  where belief and total faith The Church of Scientology refused to participate in interviews, so their crying out about how the documentary does not interview active Scientologists rings hollow.

But the thing I found most startling?  L. Ron Hubbard was a liar and a con man…but not in the typical sense where he was conning others and laughing all the way to the bank.

Hubbard seems to have really bought into his own creation.  The evidence suggests that Hubbard bought his own bullshit hook line and sinker (to the point of believing he needed to destroy his body to rid himself of Thetans.  He even sought psychiatric help (that he never got) via the Veterans Administration.   So, he questioned his own sanity, and sought the help of a science he believed to be a great evil.  That is desperation folks.

Quieting the Infowarrior

I have to be honest…when it comes to online arguing, the minute I tire of a discussion, I tend to walk away.  Sure I may come back to it later…but if I tend to just say my final piece and move on.  Especially if you are a “Patriot” or Infowarrior type.

In other words, I do not care to waste my time arguing with paranoid conspiracy theorists.  Truthers, birthers…all the same arguments that go in circles chasing tails.  They never offer fruitful or interesting discussions, and no amount of engagement will cause the light to turn on in their heads.  They are to far down the rabbit hole.

The other people I just walk away from are those white people who, in a discussion about race, throw out some horrible story about a white person who was beaten, maybe even kills and then ask, “Where is the outrage?  All lives matter!”  That is a guarantee that the participant wants to derail the discussion.

Both of these types of folks now simply get muted on twitter or made invisible on Facebook.  Why be tempted to respond when I know all that will result is a headache.

White Actors Need Roles Too!

I am unsure what Nellie Andreeva is saying here.

Okay.  That is a lie.  The short version is: There are to many non-white faced on TV these days.

I am sure she would dispute this, claim I am misunderstanding her point.

But, as is the case with any sea change, the pendulum might have swung a bit too far in the opposite direction.

Nellie expresses concern about there being no room for colorblind casting.  I totally get that this is her concern.  I get she believes that this is about a concern that race trumps the best actor getting the job.

This is a pretty absurd concern to have though.  There have been plenty of examples over the years of casting stating they are looking for white actos, whether the role called for it or not.

“Basically 50% of the roles in a pilot have to be ethnic, and the mandate goes all the way down to guest parts,” one talent representative said.

So, half your cast can be white, as long as half your cast is not?  So, white actors have a shot at 50% roles in a pilot (including, more likely than not, the lead) while non-white actors must vie for the other 50%.  Asian, black, Hispanic, and so on, all compete for the other half.  This is not equality, and it is not equality in favor of minority actors.

Network and cable television are still overwhelmingly full of majority white casts.  There is one show right now about an Asian family.  The Asian community covers a lot of ethnic backgrounds.  Both Japanese and Vietnamese may be considered “Asian”, but they are culturally distinct.  Yet, if you say we are going to do a show about an Asian family, you probably will have actors of different descent playing a Chinese family.   Of course, we white people rarely notice a difference.

So, for the Asian community, you have one show.  Blacks have a couple of shows.  And if a Latino comedian hits it big enough, maybe you get a show or two about a Latino lead.  Are there any comedies or dramas centered on a character of Middle East descent?

Most shows still center on a white protagonist(s) with supporting cast members who are not white.

And that is the joke of the Deadline column.  Overwhelmingly, TV is still giving us white leads.  The talk of colorblind casting is a joke, because even when shows specified no race, casting looked at primarily white people for their leads.  There has never been colorblind casting, and just because pilots are actually starting to note to cast some actors who are not white is not an indication of a problem, it is a solution.

The Curious Case of Ted Cruz and Country Music

Ted Cruz may end up being a wealth of hilarity folks.  Just look at this:

“I actually intellectually find this very curious, but on 9/11, I didn’t like how rock music responded,” he said. “And country music, collectively, the way they responded, it resonated with me.”

I find this intellectually curious as well, Mr. Cruz.

For one thing, it does not make much sense.  I mean, what did he not like about the rock and roll response?  Was he offended by the calls for America to be united as a nation?  Or was he more put off by the fundraisers to help the victims and their families?  Maybe it was the songs praising first responders or the passengers of United 93?  Just what part of the rock and roll response to 9/11 was so damned off-putting that he would turn to a life of country music?

Or is it just that Cruz saw it as an opportunity to pander to the Republican base with the dog whistle of 9/11?

If Cruz keeps talking like this?  He will flame out spectacularly.