If I were in Marvels Shoes…

I would have Peter Parker be in the MCU first.  He would be the theatrical Spider-Man.  Race optional.  Could be black, hispanic, asian, white, etc.  He would be in the Captain America: Civil War film.

Then there would be an easter egg in Spidey’s film.  at some point, we would see a young man who witnesses Spider-Man in action and is in awe.  The aware viewer would see this kid and know… Miles Morales.

Then, I would announce a Spider-Man series with Netflix.  This series would feature Miles Morale, initially in New York, where he gets bit by a radioactive spider.  Frustrated by all the dangers in New York, such as alien invasions and psychotic robots, his parents decide to uproot him and move to another large city.  Say Chicago or even Los Angeles.  In this new city, Miles is inspired to use his developing powers to become Spider-Man of (New Hometown).

There you go.  You get Peter Parker and Miles Morales at the same time.

Just Maybe…

I noticed Jeff Sneider (who has stated a 95% certainty that Peter Parker will not be white) clarified a bit on twitter where he is getting this idea.  He noted that white actors are going out for the role, but agents for some of those actors have told Jeff they suspect Sony is leaning towards a non-white actor.

Considering how adamant the Spider Production team was about a white Peter Parker during the original Donald Glover thing, this is a nice change of attitude.

It Won’T Be Peter Parker Maybe…?

So, I have been pretty firm in my statement that Marvel and Sony are not going to switch out Peter for Miles in the Spider-Man franchise.

There is this rumor from late last week.

“This is not set in stone guys, but I’m telling you right now: Spider-Man is not going to be white,” Jeff Sneider revealed. When Reilly asked him if that was speculation, Jeff replied, “I am 95% sure.”

If Spider-Man isn’t going to be white than what will he be? “Spider-Man is going to be most likely black,” Jeff stated. “But there is a chance he could also be Latino. 95% sure not white.”

This leads to Sneider leaping to Miles.  The article is all speculation, but I will say if it is true…

“Like I mentioned last week, the e-mails that leaked were perceived to be racist in some quarters. I really think that is going to play into things.”

That is probably what tips the scales.  I doubt they will depart from a kid named Peter Parker…he may simply not be white.  All camps, as I have pointed out, have been adamant about using Peter Parker.  And as much as I like Miles Morales, he still does not have the recognizable name of “Peter Parker”, so I suspect Marvel wants Peter Parker in their cinematic universe.

But Sony did have those uncomfortable e-mails that suggested an ingrained racism within Sony.  And dealing with that could maybe have opened them up to a black Peter Parker or going with Miles.  I am fine with a white Peter Parker, black Peter Parker, Asian Peter Parker, Hispanic Peter Parker and so on…the right actor will make it work.  The right writing will make it work.  And if they decide to shock me and go with Miles Morales?  I am cool with that move.  I just do not hold out hope for it.

And again, this is highly speculative (Sneider does not appear to give any evidence or source  to back up why he believes this to be true).

There Are No “Ifs” Here

So, I am now starting to see talk on twitter and articles like this.

I am not really sure where this “If they make Miles the Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man” idea is coming from.

I like Miles.  I think his run thus far has been terrific and I hope to see his adventures continue on.

But you know, it is not like Marvel was chomping at the bit to bring Miles to the screen, but mean old Sony stood in the way and now this new Marvel/Sony deal will allow Marvel to put Miles on the big screen like they always hoped.

There is no “if” here, people.  The next cinematic Spider-Man will be Peter Parker.  Marvel wants Peter Parker to remain Spider-Man.  At no point have they ever said they were interested in switching out Peter for Miles.  Marvel has always expressed interest in Peter Parker as the cinematic Spider-Man.  They have only stated they wanted a younger Peter Parker than we currently had.

Of course, the fact that they are not going to switch gears and make Miles the MCU Spider-Man does not mean they could not choose an actor who was black or Hispanic or Asian…of course, the emphasis on “younger” pushes Donald Glover out of the running, so the sudden revival of that meme seems ill fated.  Donald is 31, and if Andrew Garfield is to old for the part at 31?

We are not going to see as major a shake up as Miles or a female Spider-Man (since that would likely entail changing the name, which I do not see Marvel as to keen to do)…but it is plausible that they may look beyond white actors for the role of Peter Parker (which would be a nice nod to Miles).

But trust me on this…trying to cast Miles as the MCU Spider-Man is an exercise in “not happening”.  What I would prefer (and I have said repeatedly) is I would like to see a Mile Morales TV or Netflix series.  That would be way better than a two hour film every couple of years (or longer).

Sinister Ideas…

And it turns out I was wrong.  The Marvel/Sony deal did not put an end to Sinister Six movie plans.  They are delayed, but Sony apparently plans to proceed without Marvel’s input to boot.

And this is just a terrible idea.  First, the idea that their next Spider-Related film would be a Sinister Six film seemed kind of terrible.  For one, we had only been introduced to Electro, Green Goblin and Rhino.  The Lizard had died, so that meant we had to be introduced to three more villains.  Since the Amazing Spider-Man 3 was scrapped, they would have to be introduced in the Sinister Six film.  That is three origins, even if you go with the Amazing Spider-Man 2’s notion that they were handing out the bad guy gear by the truckload over at Oscorp.

Plus, really, they would have to retrofit the idea to fit it into the MCU that Spidey now inhabits.  The Sinister Six film would either be set in the Andrew Garfield timeline, or it is all new with a completely fresh set of actors as the bad guys.

And the other part that makes it so terrible is this whole notion of Sony doing the film without Marvel input.  Sony really needs to let Marvel handle all things Spider-Man and just reap the cash rewards.  I have zero faith that Sony will produce a good Sinister Six movie without Marvel’s help.

Does Whatever A Spider Can

So, Marvel’s corner of the internet broke last night.  In a big announcement Marvel and Sony noted they have joined forces to re-invigorate the Spider-Franchise.  While confirming my feeling that there was no deal in place when it was “leaked that the deal was done”, they did sort of pull it off.  Not quite as suspected.

Basically, we are looking at Spider-Man appearing one of the upcoming MCU movies occurring before the next Thor film.  This rules out his first appearance being in the Avengers: Infinity War.  And the most likely candidate is Captain America: Civil War.  Then, in 2017, there will be a new Spider-Man film from Sony.  It sounds like the deal put to death the plans for the various proposed spin-offs.  Amy Pascal (who jut stepped down from Sony) along with Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios will produce the new Spider-Man film, with Sony having final say.  Sony retains the rights to all Spider-Stuff.  This is interesting, because it is the first time the MCU is getting to use a character that Marvel Studios does not hold the rights to.  And does this mean we can see, say the Daily Bugle or J. Jonah Jamesom appear in MCU movies and TV?  Will this version of the Spider-Man corner be fully integrated?  Or just a very tightly held case by case basis?

So, what Spider-Man are we getting?  A grown up Spider-Man?  For Civil War, that would make the most sense.  But then there is the issue that Spider-Man’s biggest part of Civil War in the comics was giving up his secret identity and being buddies with Tony Stark.  A teen Spider-Man would make the Stark friendship seem strained…and in the MCU, the concept of secret identities has never taken hold.  So, throwing in the secret identity stuff into the Captain America Civil War film may feel forced.

Will they play off like Spider-Man has been around the entire time, we just were not hearing about him?  Or will the new Spider-Man be yet another origin based reboot?  Will we have a new high school Spider-Man?  Or will the rebooted Spider-Man be older straight out of the gate?

If Sony just trusts Marvel to do their thing with Spider-Man, it may work.  But that could be a big “if”.

Aiming For the Fantastic

So a trailer has hit for August’s Fantastic Four Reboot.

Doing a complete origin reboot with Doctor Doom as an angry hacker and a young Reed Richards… seemed…I don’t know…pointless.  Hiring Josh Trank was one of the more interesting choices.  None of the acting choices really thrilled me…and there was the talk that they are about to do some reshoots (originally reported as being up to a months worth, now just a few days).  It sounded messy.

The trailer looks nice.  The film is heavily relying on the Ultimate version of the Fantastic Four.  But yet, I am not really ready to feel excited to see the film.

It looks very dark and plodding.  It looks almost like Interstellar with Superpowers.  It does not, however, look fun.  And the Fantastic Four should be fun.  They are explorers of the fantastic, and they are a family.  And the teaser looks like a Dramatic, Dark and Serious Superhero film.

I hope it is the trailer that is missing these elements, not the film as a whole.