Through Twitter, I recently discovered the online community Black Girl Nerds.  I know…I am not their target demo (white and a guy)… but I am really impressed with the community.  Their articles are thoughtful and challenging.  And the discussions they generate?  Some of the best discussions (especially on the intersection of race and general tv/movie/comic geekery) I have witnessed.  The BGN community seems to be one of the few where people can express differing opinions without the usual vitriol.

Just the other day, they published this article.  Basically taking a stance that the author wants Peter Parker to remain white, it was met with thoughtful responses on Twitter.  Folks discussed the issue of most iconic characters being white, and whether creating new characters resolves the lack of diversity, since a new character is less than likely to get a film.

It was not a bunch of insults and name calling.  It was a peaceful discussion, which seems all to rare in the geek/nerd fan arena.

I highly recommend checking them out.

The Preface

I am working on a couple blog postings related to the general reaction to bigoted comments by celebrities and how these things are dealt with. I have conflicting feelings, and so I am breaking them down into (current plan) two posts. One focusing on my problems with “silencing” people we do not like. The second post will address why I do understand that very tendency.

I am opening with this preface partially to ask that if you take issue with the first post, to wait and see if I address the concern in my follow up.

Overall, December may be ending in a blogging explosion of thoughts from me.

So…Um, Sorry

About the lack of presence here on the blog.  Life has had some big upsets and changes, none really things one wants to discuss, but I may share for folks who are finding their life hitting the same areas.  It could certainly be worse, but life is not without it’s downs at this time.

And In the Beginning…

You might have not noticed…but I was silent much of December.  The year ended very poorly.  I took an unexpected financial hit, had all sorts of projects, work was not going well…it all came together to make one of my lousiest Decembers ever.

So, here we are, 2013.  Still a lot of projects on my plate.  It will be a bit spotty over the next several months.  But hopefully for the positive.  Five days a week are not likely, but I hope to have a few posts a week. So, forget December…

Hope your New Year is off to a swell start!

The Last Blog I Will Ever Post…

In October of 2009.

I’ve been meaning to try my hand at video blogging.  My goal was a ten minute blog.  I ended up with about an hour and a half of footage to work with.  Granted, some of that was alternate takes.  I tried to be creative with it, seeing as how looking at me could get…uh…boring (oh, am I being generous).  So as I whittled it down, I got it down to twenty minutes.  Then I cut it in half, making two parts.  I apologize for going on so long.  But it was my first try at this.

Part one: (In which I speak of the philosophical humor of the Rob Zombie’s The Haunted World of El Superbeasto)

Part 2:  In Which I call Fred Dekker “Ted” at least twice.  I sincerely apologize to Fred.

Something I failed to mention about Night of the Creeps is the character names are all horror film directors.  If I do another, I think I will bang out more of a script, and only talk about one item… lessons learned…