Bigotedly Correct

Oh, Gary Oldman. I love you. I really do. I see you are in a movie and I get excited to see that performance. You were one of the reasons I did not totally refuse to see the RoboCop reboot.

But really…if you want to be critical of the restrictions of Politically Correct culture…you might want to pick better examples. Mel Gibson made racist comments and Alec Baldwin has used gay slurs.

Being a bigot is not the same thing as being politically incorrect. And for some reason, a lot of folks conflate the two. Suddenly, being a bigot is seen as the edgy person who does not care what society thinks. Bigots become treated as rebels and victim heroes.

Really, can we find some better example when lamenting political correctness than bigoted people?



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  1. Yes> See my blog post on 7/6…

  2. I really do wish that movie stars would stay out of politics and racism and all those…icky things. Because they just don’t seem to have a clue.

  3. It’s bigger than stars talking too much. It’s hipster racism.

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