Just a Pause…

That is Herman Cain’s defense of his long drawn out, stumbling answer.  Except, the facts show this is a complete mis-characterization of the moment.  He stumbles around, looking for the right answer-but while looking he asks questions like “President Obama supported the rebels?”  This is not some obscure news event Cain was asked about.  This was a major talking point for the left and right, a major world event.  And he was not sure which side the President favored.  Of course, in his defense, he was on a book tour at the time, he might have missed a world event or two.



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  1. It was just a tad bizarre. He had to find out what position President Obama had taken…so that he could be against it. Whatever “IT” was.

  2. So many Republicans like Gingrich were taking BOTH sides of this issue, I can see where Cain may have gotten confused.

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