How To Date A Movie Star Link Blogging

So, apparently all one has to do to get a date with Mila Kunis is be a Marine in Afghanistan.  I did not realize it was so simple…

Netflix is raising their prices…again.  They have decided to split their best deal-one disc at a time/unlimited streaming into an unlimited one disc at a time and unlimited streaming.  So, to have both, you now have to have a bundle.  I can afford the six dollar hike…but it is not any less annoying.

Thankfully, Ted Danson will be continuing on HBO’s Bored to Death along with his new gig.

So…um…another Texas Chainsaw Massacre…this one in 3D.  Um.  Yeah.

Chris Sims and David Uzumeri have convinced me that contrary to my prior belief… Batman & Robin is the best of the Burton/Schumacher Batman flicks.


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  1. It’s true. I have never seen Batman and Robin…but now I want to go out and get it just because of their review.

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