Men Shouldn’t Allow The Vagina Monologue to Become a Dialog

What kills me is that Chris Matthews is accused of being some sort of liberal… considering he pops up and shows up here a lot.  How is liberalism comparable with this kind of sexism.  They way he talks to fellow MSNBC personalities is messed up.

To see it collected like this is disturbing.



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  1. Matthews was clearly sexist to H. Clinton when she was running for president.

    When I grew up with the movements (antiwar, black power), the women were often relegated to lesser roles until they demanded greater responsibility.

  2. Oh, how long have you had that Bruce Cockburn quote on the top of your page? Never noticed it before!

    Great song.

  3. Two or three months…I think I hate the other quote up there for…three years? I thought it was time for a new one, and I always liked that song…such a simple title. 🙂

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