Hows That Hope and Change Workin’ Out For Ya’?

Well, Sarah Palin?

It’s working out better than that “Real America” thing you pitched in 2008.

Sarah Palin spoke for an hour and said nothing.  Not terribly surprising, she has spent a year and a half doing the exact same thing.  You betcha’.  (wink)



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  1. I saw somewhere else online that she also had notes written on her hands.

    You know, you can’t bash someone for using teleprompters if you’re gonna use the 4th grade version of teleprompters yourself.

    But hey, I’m in too good a mood today for even the queen of idiots to bring me down.

    Who Dat? We Dat! Believe Dat!

  2. You listened to an hour of S. Palin? You’re a stronger man than I.

  3. I thought of it as Comedic Performance Art.

  4. And the correct answer to her question is: “Still better than it would’ve had we elected your sorry ass.”

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