My Top Ten Movies of 2009 Part 2

7. Zombieland-Most fun I have had watching people fight zombies in a while.

8. Coraline-Based on a book by Neil Gaiman, this is a fun and thoughtful fantasy about a girl dissatisfied with her own life and the people in it, that she becomes seduced by another world, like her own but better-more fun and magical.  It’s a world where mice perform elaborate circus tricks, gardens dance and the Other Mother serves your favorite meals.  But it’s not such a wonderful place after all, it’s a world of deception created by the Other Mother.  Wonderfully whimsical, I really liked this one.  Plus, it used 3-D in a rather nice and subtle way, more adding depth to the screen than anything else.



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  1. “Coraline” was good, but did you read the book? Better than the movie, in that Gaiman’s writing is strong and gets all of one’s creative neurons firing, creating the visuals in one’s mind better than any CGI. Highly recommended read.

  2. I have not, I admit, read the book. I am definitely interested in doing so. I believe Coraline was actual puppetry, like the Nightmare Before Christmas.

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