My Top Ten Movies 0f 2009 Part One

Granted, there is plenty I have not seen, such as a Serious Man, the Informant!, the Fantastic Mr Fox, Where the Wild Things Are…but based on what I have seen?

9. Drag Me to Hell– Sam Raimi took a break from the Spider-Man franchise to make a return to his roots with this fun little horror film.  Full of real jumps and goofy dialog, I had a lot of fun watching this movie.

10. Watchmen:  Considering the way this could have gone, I felt Snyder managed to do the best job possible.  Bringing the pages to life with a mostly great cast (but especially Jackie Earl Haley, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Patrick Wilson) Snyder managed to compress the film into…like four hpours.  But I enjoyed the overall film, and disagree with certain detractors.  This is meant to be to Superhero movies what the original work was to comics, thus Snyder used the language of the modern super hero film-slow motion action, elaborate sets and over the top action- to make an observation on the nature of super-hero vigilantism.  Of course, the one set back is 2008’s excellent the Dark Knight kind of tread that territory already.


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