Funniest Political Moment Of the Year…

It just has to go to the Republican’s days of whining about Obama’s slow response time to the attempted bombing on Christmas.   He could not take a break from his vacation to address this national crisis.  He waited THREE days.  The people were terrified to fly!  Of course, in 2001, Bush waited six days to make a brief, offhand comment about the shoe-bomber.  But why let little facts get in the way of your “anything to destroy the President” claims?

Also, kudos to the Republicans whining about how they are dealing with the bomber- who is cooperating.  Which s, once again, exactly how the Bush Administration handled the show bomber.

I am still trying to figure out why this requires more hand-wringing than it did during the last administration.  And why should people be more scared now to fly?  Did the public think we were never going to see more attempts like this?  It’s been a risk of flying for decades.  The only people who needed a reassurance from the president are people who are really-REALLY-lacking in common sense.


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