Talk About Your Great Ideas!

Let’s not forget to have a seperate line for people named Timothy/Tim!

[sarcasm]Shockingly,[/sarcasm] Fox is arguing that being against profiling is Political Correctness… and Political Correctness is killing our country!  Ann Coulter…what a peach.



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  1. What amuses/infuriates me is the idea “profiling is fine” when it’s middle easterners or general “non-white” folks.

    But remember the right-wing reaction to the “right wing terrorism” memo?

    Really, one could argue we’ve had more successful acts of right-wing terrorism in America than we have had “Islamist” terrorism.

    (Of course the big one is Oklahoma City, but there have been alot of lower body count ones, like numerous terrorist attacks on abortion centers and abortion doctors, Jim David Adkisson who targeted a liberal church because he couldn’t get to big name liberals like Pelosi)

    And that’s just a small sampling of the stuff in my lifetime.

    But of course we sure as heck can’t put people with British ancestry names, like Adkisson (the surname goes back to English/Scottish border area) and Mcveigh (A Celtic name) in a different line can we?

    And we can’t even target their far-right views either, because then the right will demand (and sadly, get) an apology.

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