Confusing Year End Movie List…

Moviefone’s link headline for this list (the Ten Most Overhyped Films of 2009) says that along with Paranormal Activity, “Here are 9 more you wasted money on.”

The odd thing?  According to the article, most of these films are actually good or even great films.  The article never says these movies sucked or were not worth seeing.  Or that you are wasting your money on them.  Nine of the ten films are said to be really good, just having certain aspects that made them a little less great than the hype made them out to be.

The only movie to get shot down as not only over-hyped…but actually really bad?  The one movie on the list I had not seen… The Hangover.

The Hangover was a problem for me to get to much desire to see, simply because I like Ed Helms and Zach Galifanakis a lot.  Galifanakis has almost surreal comedy.

But the Hangover looks like Bachelor Party for the Post American Pie Generation (but, I presume, unlike the latest American Pie-the Hangover lacks a moose raping a man anally on film) and it has Bradley Cooper at the center… which is one of those… bland choices.  Cooper just doesn’t inspire me to be interested in any movie he is in.

My one big disagreement with the article is Adventureland.  Maybe I liked that one a bit more than I should have… but I do for the very reason the article cites it as a lesser product.

Superbad.  Writer Bryan Enk writes:

That film was transcendent in its portrayal of two high school friends on the verge of a nervous breakdown due to girls, impending adulthood and good old fashioned separation anxiety — ‘Adventureland,’ while clever, pleasant, sometimes touching and frequently hilarious, never quite blows you away like ‘Superbad’ did.

And I ask…transcendent?  Superbad was easily one of the most annoying movies I have ever had the displeasure of sitting through… and I say that having seen the newest American Pie film.  Adventureland had all the things people claimed Superbad had… a honest look at life, engaging and funny characters and believable friendships.  I honestly could not understand why Michael Cera’s character was friends with Jonah Hill.  Why he never ran over him with a car I don’t know.  Hill’s character was such an unsympathetic douche-bag, that by the time he shows any type of humanity towards the end, I kind of hope Emma Stone kicks his heart to the moon after setting it on fire with gasoline.

The only things I liked about Superbad?  The previously mentioned Emma Stone and the whole McLovin’ bit, which was so absurd, I aways lit up when those scenes overtook the film.  But if there was ever a film that I really looked forward to due to hype and then found myself dumbfounded over the prise it got?  Don’t believe the hype.

Almost related?  Cinematical provides the most depressing thing in movie news I have seen since I woke up this morning.  The 40 Year Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It?  That is a real movie.

It has a trailer:



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  1. Ahh, hype backlash.
    When enough people go “This is awesome” there’s got to be someone who goes “Screw you, it was horrible”.

    That’s what I felt with alot of the list.

    As to the 40 year old virgin who knocked up sarah marshall.

    I don’t wish death on many thins, but I really do wish these “cluster” parody movies would die.

    I don’t mind parody movies, but for the love of all that’s holy, stick to something.

    “Not Another Teen Movie” mocked alot of teen movies, sure, but it actually still had a coherent plot.
    All the movies it mocked were atleast in the ‘teen movie’ genre. (She’s All That, Cruel Intentions, Can’t Hardly Wait)

    It did NOT (atleast, not that I remember) toss in jokes aimed at the movies “Gladiator”, “The Perfect Storm” and “X-men” just because they were successful movies the year before.

    What the heck does Twilight have to do with romantic comedies? (Okay, Twilight is intended to be romantic, and is unintentionally comedic, but it’s still not a romantic comedy)

    And the “Can you hear me now?” guy? Seriously?

  2. In my opinion, Not Another Teen Movie did it right. It was not full of random pop culture references. On the opposite end you have crap like Meet the Spartans. Man, the sword and sandal epics could be a solid source for parody. But yes, a joke about Britney Spears would be MUCH better to shove in there. Ug.

    And Epic Movie…with nary a reference to the Lord of the Rings-but a Nacho Libre parody???

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