Go Worst of the Decade! Go!

So, Moviefone has released it’s list of the 40 worst of the Decade.

Most of the list is surprisingly accurate.  Often, these list contain gems where you wonder how they qualified.  But of the 40?  The vast majority are pretty good calls.  Cat in the Hat, Glitter, I Know Who Killed Me, Epic Movie, Son of the Mask, Norbit, the Wicker Man, Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector, The Happening and Master of Disguise are all terribly deserving of the title.  Someday, I will post my lament of the Happening which has some greatly edited scenes of horror…but lacks a decent story to support them.

But there is one film on their list that just does not belong.  Before I actually watched it, I figured it would be a contender.  But a few months ago?  I discovered it was actually a good film.  It’s visually stunning, for one thing.  Yes, it can be almost overpowering in it’s colorful richness.  And yes, the story of corporate villainy in sports is not somehow new.    But what the Wachowski Bros gave us was an anti-corporate screed wrapped in a corporate summer blockbuster.  This movies biggest flaw can be it’s colorful excesses, but in the end, it is a stronger film than it was given credit for.  It may not be what audiences expected…but it was hardly a bad film, let alone one the worst of the decade.

This is totally the best use of my 1,000th post.



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  1. Congrats on the 1,000th post.

    And seriously, I clicked on the list before I finished reading the post, and looking through the list was thinking “Hey, Speed Racer was pretty good”.

    I’d put “Reign In Darkness” on the list myself, I admit, it’s a movie odds are very few people have ever seen.
    I bought it from the bargain bin at wal-mart after all.
    But it’s far, far worse than any of the movies that made the list.

    The thing is, most of those movies atleast had the decency to be bad in an (often unintentionally) funny way.

    Reign In Darkness was bad in a “Every movie you ever see after this will seem pretty damn good by comparison” way.

  2. I use to think about renting that when I worked at the video store…never got the chance. 🙂

  3. Amazing. I saw zero of these films. Probably would have seen at least 5 of them had I been seeing films as I used to.

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