Advice To Reporters…

Don’t use work computers to send “anonymous” e-mails slamming a group just because you do not like that they sent out a press release that hurt your feelings (such as suggesting gay marriage in Maine was overturned due to homophobia-if you do not want to be accused of being a homophobe?  Don’t be one).  You might get fired.  The paper is well within their rights.  He admits it was a lapse in judgment.  You know, I am not a reporter and I still know better than to use my computer at work to attack people.

Oh yeah, that “I guess I am a racist” ad?  I just have this to say…I dn’t doubt some of those people in the ad are racists.  Not because they oppose Obama’s healthcare reform (although, I will say, if you oppose any reform at all, you are probably not a racist-just stupid) but because they would appear in an ad saying, “I guess I am a racist.”



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  1. Yeah, I doubt many non-racists would appear saying “Guess I’m a racist”

    I mean, I doubt you’d ever catch any non-NAMBLA members appearing in an ad that says “I guess I’m a pedophile”

    The term racist should be pretty much on the same standard.
    It’s not something you joke about being, it’s something you should hate to have anyone think you are.

  2. Exactly. Mind you, I suspect they believe they are being clever and ironic. Mocking the few people who have suggested all opposition to the reform plans put forth as racist. The problem is, that claim is hardly mainstream. So, the commercial’s only real appeal is to the paranoid people who already agree with it.

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