That’s the Way the World Ends (Preview)

So, I was doing a flip of the channels and lo what do my eyes see?

A Thief in the Night.  This is one of those movies I have often heard of, it is one of the Christian End Times Movies.  This predates the craze that occurred with the Left Behind books, but it is merely the “regular like clockwork” end of the world fervor that seems to happen every other decade.  Back in the 70’s, the burgeoning Jesus movement was very into “end times”, and it spawned many a song and one evangelist got the movie making bug.  Released in 1972, A Thief in the night has acheived cult status, but I have never seen it.  So, I am recording it on the DVR to watch in the near future.  And when I do… I will talk about it…

I will say already though…this is one of the worst versions I have ever heard of this song:

Of course…compare it to the modern version:



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  1. Did I ever mention just how annoying those end times people are. To quote the Grass Roots: “Let’s live for TODAY!” The “end times” in the Xian tradition has been predicted for almost 2 millennia.

  2. And no matter how much one points out the repeated failures of predictions, people still think… “This time we are right!”

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