A Nation Divided…

I read a couple letters Entertainment Weekly about the love and the hate for the Twilight series.  And I started to think about how much… people hate the franchise.  Me?  I cannot muster up the concern.

I mean, I have no interest in the series, it lost me at “Vampires avoid the sun because it make them even prettier than they already are.”  It’s not for me, I am content with that.  Some of the real piss and vitriol that some folks have, not just for the series, but for it’s fans is just shocking.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t doubt the books are silly and not the finest in literature (I have had people tell this about the books who admitted they enjoyed the books!).  I find some of it amusing, t-shirts with Buffy slaying Edward, because it’s light-hearted.  But I find the hate for the fans of Twilight more than a bit absurd.  Especially when it comes from comic book fans.  No offense, but if your favorite comic story is, say, the Infinity Gauntlet?  You should probably keep quiet.

It’s one thing to say you just do not enjoy a particular pop culture phenom and what you do not enjoy about it.  But to go ridiculously over the edge regarding the fans who are not, near as I can tell, hurting anyone?  Let them be.



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  1. I’m not a hardcore Twilight hater, but here’s the thing that defines why I do dislike it, and have some issues with some of it’s fans.

    The character of Edward is basically the very model of an abusive person in a relationship.

    Suggest your beloved avoid everyone else, even their friends and family.
    Prone to outburts of violence.
    Basically kidnapping her when she’s around a different group of guys (It’s hinted he can read minds and they intended to rape her, but we only have his word for that, and even then he does’t actually confront THEM, he just basically kidnaps HER)

    To use a more mundane scene (The first scene that really earned my dislike) he tells Bella (The girl) that he used to sneak into her room and watch her sleep even before they got together.

    She reacts as though this is a sign of true love and a sweet thing.

    Basically ,remember the Avengers stories where Yellowjacket and Wasp get married, where he’s completely psychotic and she’s using that to her advantage?

    Twilight is like that, only it’s presented as a good thing, and lots of the fans talk about how awesome Pym is.

    I don’t have any real problem with the fans who don’t much care for Edward (the “Team Jacob” crew) but the Edward fans worry me.
    Not in an “I hate you” way, but more in a “I fear for your future relationships if you think this is the model of a good relationship” way.

  2. There is something rather disturbing that Twilight is seen as a romance. The interesting comment one of my cousins made (she read them because her niece was so enthralled with them) was that, on the surface she could see all those problems…but the teen girl that still resides deep inside her totally got caught up in it…and I wonder if there is not a large section of the populace that buys into this definition of romance-beyond Twilight fans.

  3. Unfortunatly I think there is.
    Mostly because I tend to see more than my fair share of it.
    Much like Christopher Titus said of his mother, it seems a few of my female relatives have a superpower.
    They can go into any town, and immediately latch on to the biggest loser abusive jerk in said town.

    Hence my problem with Twilight, I see alot of those guys in Edward, and thinking he has people who want to get with him?

    I won’t deny I as a male have liked a few psychotic female characters (I was rather fond of Callisto on Xena) but I never exactly thought she was marriage material or that it’d be a “Happily Ever After” relationship.

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