So, they are talking about Khan for the next Star Trek…apparently.  And you know what?  This is truly a terrible idea.

I get why fans would want it.  The Wrath of Khan is easily one of the best of the Trek films.  It (like First Contact) gets what is best in Trek.  Noble heroes facing situations that challenge their ethics, trying to be the best of humanity when it seems easier to just give into vengeance.  Mix in some humor, space battles and paused delivery?  Viola!

But nothing would be quite as terrible as trying to redo the Wrath of Khan.  Why?

Do you folks clamoring for a Khan redux understand why Khan was so effective?  Truthfully, I do not think this is understood.  It’s because between Space Seed (the Star Trek Episode that introduced us to Khan) and Star Trek 2?  There is about fifteen years.  Fifteen years between their meetings.  There is a sense of history between Khan and the crew of the Enterprise.  His thirst for revenge is palpable.

They certainly could not remake the Wrath of Khan, as there is no wrath here.  Remember?  This is a new time line.  Remaking Space Seed is essentially what would have to be done.  And remaking a TV episode?  It worked okay for the Twilight Zone Movie, but really?  For Star Trek?  It’s a terrible idea.  I mean, why not Charlie X or Court Marshall for a third and fourth film then?

I’d rather see them try working up some fresh ideas.  Yeah, I know that the Dark Knight worked great.  But the super-hero film is a bit different.  They also played up the idea that there was not a history between Batman and the Joker.  But we need a history between Kahn and the Enterprise.  For a revisit to Khan?  We have to have a lapse in time.  We need Kahn to have time to stew.  To become singly obsessed.  That will not happen in a two hour film.

No.  The next Star Trek film must be something fresh.  It can have familiar characters, but it should feel like a new adventure, like somewhere we have not gone before.



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  1. I’d argue they could do “Space Seed” as a subplot in a larger story.
    But really what I’d like to see is them sort of taking the ‘big threats’ in a new direction.

    The movie focused on a threat of Romulans (Sure, Romulans from another timeline, but still Romulans)

    Next up go with the Klingons, they’re the classic threat people recognize from the old series.

    For the third movie, I’d like to see a threat from the later series brought in facing the orig crew.
    The Borg would be rather cliche, so I’d go with the Dominion, or perhaps the Cardassians.
    (Okay, maybe I just want to see some DS9 stuff referenced since that was my favorite Trek ever)

  2. Wekll, I’m against it (the remake).

    Thom- I almost never mention misspelling, but you wrote it several times. It’s KHAN.

  3. You mean, like everytime I typed it? 🙂


  4. Blame Shatner, when he did the famous scream it did sound more like Kahn than Khan.

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