The Internet is A-Liefeld…

And here I am late to the game.

Last weekend at Wizard World, some guy was very clever.  He did what many geeks dreamed of doing.

He ripped on Rob Liefeld-to Rob’s FACE!!!!  SNAP!!!

The story goes like this:

Guy is at Wizard World Chicago.  He finds out Rob Liefeld is there.  He walks up to Rob, demands an apology for something Rob did.  The guy walks away after Rob thanks him.  Guy finds an old copy of How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way.  He buys it.  He writes a rather impolite note about Rob’s art and to put the book to use.  He puts it in a bag and slips it on the table and runs away.  He filmed it all though.  What was Rob’s horrible crime?

A comic book from the early 1990’s.  It was Marvel’s Heroes Reborn.  And yeah, the Liefeld books, especially Captain America, were pretty bad.  But was it really worth it?  I mean, this was over ten years ago.  And either this guy has such an awesomely charmed life he can afford to be bitter over something so trivial and stupid.  Or he is a pathetic loser who, at 28, still harbors resentment over a silly comic book that just is not worth the rage.  I don’t know if I should envy him r pity him.  I suspect pity.

In truth, I find it pretty sad that fans take this stuff that seriously.  I didn’t like what Joe Quesada did with the Spider-Man marriage.  But I could care less about trying to make him listen.  Who cares?  It’s a fictional character.  Let it go, man…harboring resentment over a comic book for thirteen years is nothing short of moronic.  Rob doesn’t owe anyone an apology.

It’s worth noting that all the people who support this guy seem to be he same sad sack pathetic losers.

Listen, what the guy did was rude and uncalled for.  There was no good reason to do it.  It was not clever.  It was not funny.  And frankly, the fact that some of Yellow Hat’s fans cannot see this?  Suggests comic fandom needs to die a hasty death.  Not people who like comics…just the idioy that feeds this privilage nonsense that suggests “I am owed something by you because I bought your product.”

Grow. The. Fuck. Up.


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