Elegant and Powerful

Well…I have to be honest. I am with Loren (Welcome back, Loren!!!) and Johanna Draper-Carlson on this. I like this image.

The Heroes of DC...

Regardless of some of the issues that come up surrounding Adam Hughes’ work? He is still a favorite artist of mine. Adam is a strong illustrator, with a real strong line work. It really doesn’t matter what he is drawing, he makes it look good. This is classy. It reminds me of the Vanity Fair and Vogue covers by Annie Leibowitz (and it should, that was the inspiration). It certainly has more positives than negatives (some have noted the one lesbian featured is in pants). And the positives are a sense of class to the image, excellent craftsmanship, an avoidance of cheesecake. It respects it’s subject. And hey, this is more clothing than most of these characters have warn in the past few years.



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  1. Thanks for the welcome back, Thom…and, thanks for saying VANITY FAIR. That’s what I meant to say in my blog, but, for some reason, my gay brain was defering to VOGUE. 🙂 Anyway, the thing I like the best is that all the women actually look different…no small feat considering that there are four blondes that could have conceivably looked exactly the same.

  2. I have been seeing a lot of references to Vogue by people discussing this one, so you are not alone. 🙂

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