Format Wars Coming to a Close?

And it looks like Blu-Ray is going to win out.  Of course, Blu-Ray is not fully ready…and this is the thing that concerns me.  It is kind of like a car manufacturer declaring, “Yeah, we knew we were a year away  from fully functional breaks and stuff…but man, Saturn was putting a new car on the market, so we rushed it out early.  Sorry your cars do not work right folks-but we have a newer version of the car that will work!  Just buy that!”

Some Blu-Ray fans have tried to suggest that this is similar to how early DVD players did not support DVD-/+R formats, but there is a difference between not being able to play a DVD you burned on your computer and one you bought in a store. And most of the studios chose a side, naming among other things, not wanting to continue producing two seperate versions of the same movie for Hi-Def, now the plan is to do that anyhow-just for Blu-Ray only.  (Certainly, there were other reasons the studios have chosen Blu-Ray over HD-DVD,  such as the fact that HD-DVD is region free and Blu-Ray has a “better” anti-piracy code)

Blu-Ray has continuously seemed the less consumer friendly of the two formats (in spite of the ardent fans of Blu-Ray) while being very studio friendly.  It’s not a bad format, but it is a format not nearly as ready for use as HD-DVD was when it was released.  I’d I have preferred to see a format win on it’s true merits, rather than “the Studios were convinced to go exclusive.”  But it looks like the format war will be over far sooner than I thought it would be, initially.  I am curious to see what Paramount and Universal do.  TheBlu-Ray camp keeps publishing articles about how they COULD switch sides…but both studios continue to state they are standing by HD-DVD.



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  1. It’s like Beta; the better product, but lost in the marketplace to VHS because SONY overplayed its hand. In any case, I’ll wait, thank you.

  2. Yes it is remniscent of the Beta vs. VHS war. Thanks for informing me, I thought Blue Ray was a fad.

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