Um…man…I was stunned to see this. The idea that Mike has died…man. I love his art, he has an instantly recognizable style that nicely jumps between “real” and cartoonish. He was also a friendly guy, from what I could see on his blog and enjoyed interacting with his fans. But even more than his fans, my heart breaks for his family and friends.

I’ll say more later.


Karl Kesel remembers Ringo. Warren Ellis takes a moment to reflect. Jeff Parker pays tribute to his friend. Peter David seems to be feeling the same loss for words that I am (where everything you might say seems horribly inadequate). Scott Kurtz actually made me cry at the end of this.  And more are popping up here.
The members of Byrne Robotics & Brian k. Vaughan’s Cabal lament Ringo’s passing.


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  1. I can’t even look at a comic without thinking about Mr. Wieringo’s passing. He was one of my favorite artists and I can’t believe he’s gone.

    I can’t even imagine what his friends and family are going through. It’s inadequate to say that this is just awful.

    Life is unjust.

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