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I watched Superman Returns again last night.  I am torn.  I feel all my criticisms still stand…yet, i confess, I had fun watching it with people again.

The Supreme Court, looking out for the little guy

Five justices said the new rule could, in some instances, lead to more competition and better service. But four dissenting justices agreed with the submission of 37 states and consumer groups that the abandonment of the old rule would lead to significantly higher prices and less competition for consumer and other goods.

Really, Five Judges?  You think this will make better prices?  Have you looked at the suggested retail price of DVDs?  It’s still right around $29.99.  Even if Best Buy sells it for $9.99-14.99.  Does that really sound like better prices?  I mean, I know you have job security for life, so you do not know what money can mean to regular folk.  But hey, in most math classes I took, we are talking about an increase here.   And it’s a funny qualifier…”in some cases”.  That’s not really worth changing the law for is it?  SOME cases.  Most or all cases, I could see an argument here for striking down a law that worked fine for 96 years.  Maybe I am just being an alarmist here, but I can’t see how this is a good thing.  Maybe we will luck out and Manufacturers won’t notice and won’t take advantage of this.  Yeah, sure.  Apparently, rich celebrities are not the only ones out of touch.  (How does this impact comics?  Maybe it won’t but here is both Simon @ Icarus Publishing and Johanna @ Comics Worth Reading  thoughts…and yeah…this is a possiblity)

Steven Grant has started a list of character cliches that should be banned.  So much for my comic book pitch about a grizzled cop teamed up with a young woman from another planet with super powers who was a slave on her home planet who take on a scientific genius who continuously plots schemes to get rich by robbing banks with super high tech weapons.  Damn.  It was gonna be good.

The “Kill an Important Supporting Cast Member” tradition continues

Heidi MacDonald contemplates THE SPOILER

I almost forgot…the fourth Die Hard film hits theaters on the 27th…so far, I am finding many, many people who thought it was great.  I am so definitely looking foreward to the film.  John McClaine rules!


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  1. I liked Superman Returns! For the most part XD Tho the movies just DRAAAGGGEEDDDD at parts :\ Also it was very anti-climactic XD Superman and Lex barely interacted! :O Also down with the kid and Lois and Cyclops! >_:|

    I always hate this idea that if you let the corporations run wild, we’ll live in a utopia b/c corporations would NEVER try to hose the consumers right? XD

    How would being able to set a MINIMUM price, increase competition? 😮 Wouldn’t NOT being able to set a minimum price increase competition b/c then IN THEORY other companies can go lower in order to beat out their competitors!

    I thought the whole point of a free market that Bush and company profess to love and cherish, is that Best Buy can sell DVDs for 5 dollars if they feel they can afford it! 😮

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