Zombie Chic?

This is a controversy I am not so sure I feel that offended by.

For one thing, the image by Arthur Suydam does not seem all that sexed up from the original image by Takeshi Miyazawa.  In fact, compared side to side, Takeshi’s cover seems to play up teen sexy more.  Mainly because, Mary Jane has…you know…a face.  This is also a cover for the fifth printing of the Marvel Zombies trade.  All the Marvel Zombie single issues and trades have included covers that mock “famous” Marvel covers.  And if anything, that seems to be the biggest flaw here.  Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane has no iconic covers.  I mean, no kid is going to see it and accidentally think it’s a collection of SMLMJ.  It’s clearly being marketed towards the Marvel Zombies (literally and figuratively speaking).  But this just does not come close to the Heroes for Hire cover debacle.  Hell, this is tame.  Heidi M. over at the Beat sums it up a bit better.

But with this controversy has come something I have not seen nearly as much for DC…”I am so done with them!”  Sure, some people have written off the big two.  But the fact is, most of the folks I have seen declaring they can no longer buy Marvel did not make the same declarations about DC during DC’s multiple statue debacles, multiple Supergirl and Powergirl controversies.  They demanded change.  But with Marvel?  It’s throw in the towel after four incidents (and bear in mind, DC’s various controversies came one right after the other as well).  What’s the difference?

I relize some of this is “straw that broke the camel’s back” fatigue.  Marvel is the more recent offender.  But seriously, Runaways and White Tiger are not the problem, Frank Cho drawing the Avengers with “Babaliciousness” is.  So, stop buying Cho’s Avengers.  I honestly do not understand the mentality behind chucking all Marvel books based on the offenses of a few (which, if we look at the overall landscape of Marvel, are not the majority).

I certainly welcome peoples explanations why they cannot read comics that do not offend them due to the stuff that does…but if this is the case…why are there no blogs and message boards filled with “Dammit!  I am so done with DC!!!” (the ones declaring to be done with Superhero comics or “the Big Two” do not count-I am talking specifically citing giving up on DC for their indiscretions) ???



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  1. I’m not rly offended by it either tho :\ Cuz they’re just taking existing covers and zombifying them. 😐

    And the original cover wasn’t super bad or nething. :\

    I think some of the ppl who are declaring that they’re “done” with comics, were alrdy leaning that way, but just want an excuse to loudly denounce it publicly.

  2. But with Marvel? It’s throw in the towel after four incidents (and bear in mind, DC’s various controversies came one right after the other as well). What’s the difference?

    I haven’t made that threat this time around – for that matter, I’ve never actually threatened to dumpe a line, I just did it – but I think the difference is that, with Marvel, it’s a more profound thing. Marvel and DC both treat female characters dreadfully, but with DC it’s more surface and limited to a few tropes – with Marvel it’s pervasive.

    When I bailed (for over a decade), I was annoyed with DC for Longbow Hunters and some other stuff, but with Marvel it was all the same sort of little stuff, PLUS Ms. Marvel supposedly running off with some guy and then it’s revealed that she was essentially abducted and raped, and then Scarlet Witch having completely hallucinated the whole twins thing.

    Women got raped and abused at DC, and gently mocked for feminism, but while they were portrayed and pathetic and weak, that isn’t the same as pathetic and weak and unreliable and profoundly mentally disturbed. Once you saw the pattern, it was far more integrated into the Marvel approach than into the DC one.

    DC had more sane and non-raped female characters than Marvel, and they just seemed less likely to make a powerful female character I liked completely whacked. It may be that I read more DC stuff in the first place, so I knew of more female characters who were well handled, but to date I still see more well handled female characters at DC than Marvel, so maybe not.

    I still think that Marvel is the greater offender, but someone who prefers Marvel to DC might argue that Marvel has more extremely powerful females or in some other way deserves more slack than I personally am willing to give. I’m ticked with DC right now about Sue Dibney and their refusal to honor Steph and whatnot, but none of my annoyances with DC match my rage over the whole Ms. Marvel reading out the Avengers because they didn’t save her from herself thing. With both Marvel and DC there’s this long string of annoyances, but only Marvel has done the big rage-enducing stuff, for me.

    At any rate, as you recognize, the straw that breaks the camel’s back is not the whole story, and it may actually be a minor thing, it’s just that it resonates with all this other stuff, none of which was enough on its own. People who were sort of subliminally aware of all these annoyances may not be able to articulate all the stuff that gets to them – I couldn’t back when I bailed – but there just comes a point they aren’t willing to pay for this stuff any more, and for whatever reason, for some people zombie MJ was that point.

    That said, I don’t quite get why the zombified MJ is so bad, but I can see where I might feel differently if I were more fond of MJ/if I’d read the book the cover’s bouncing off of/whatever. I didn’t get the rage over the MJ statue, either, although I blew like that over Big Barda. And the HfH cover wouldn’t have bothered me if Misty and Colleen had looked like they were about to indulge in creating alien sushi instead of looking and scared and wussy. Sexing up those two is a long-standing practice; they’ve been treated that way since I started reading them in the ’70’s, it’s just that they were also portrayed as tough enough to handle it.

    But different stuff impacts people differently.

  3. I actually think the Barda statue was worse the MJ statue in a lot of ways.

  4. And I think part my inability to understand this may be that I am not a Marvel Zombie or a DC…uh…just what are DC die hards called? I just buy books I like from them. So, I have no “sense of allegience” to either side.

  5. “But with Marvel? It’s throw in the towel after four incidents (and bear in mind, DC’s various controversies came one right after the other as well). What’s the difference?”

    It may be that Marvel is perceived (rightly or wrongly) as more male-dominated than DC and the tendency with viewing male-dominated things is to lump the good in with the bad, even if the bad is a vast minority. Thus people punish stuff like WWHULK and NOVA for the sins of HEROES FOR HIRE #13.

  6. Also, isn’t ZOMBIES a MAX book? That means it’s telling you up-front that it’s for an older crowd, which is a lot different than putting a hentai cover on a “9 and older” book.

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