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"And we all say, I will change tomorrow."-Voice of the Beehive

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That’s Great…

With the end of the world fast approaching next week, I have gone on blogging hiatus. I recommending sending me all your money and posessions, so you can enter the afterlife untethered to the greed of this here material world about to pass away. E-mail me for the info of where to send stuff.

Memorial Day Morning Pic


Spending a week at the cabin.

US forces kill Osama bin Laden in Pakistan

Ding Dong…

Rangel steps down as tax panel chairman – Capit…, posted with vodpod

Am I The Only One Amused?

Andrea Anders is part of the Mr. Sunshine cast…Mr. Sunshine being Matthew Perry, Chandler from Friends, big comeback (after his previous Big Comeback fizzled). While many lovers of good comedy recognize her from Better Off Ted…I could not help but notice that she was also on the Friends Spin-off Joey…

A Whisper To a Scream…

Show Me Your Papers!

Nicely played, Seth.

more about “Saturday Night Live – Update Favorite…“, posted with vodpod

The Vengeance of Bernie Goldberg


more about "TDS: Bernie Goldberg Fires Back", posted with vodpod

Anchor Management

See… Fox NEWS is TOTALLY different from their OPINION shows.

more about "Jon Stewart Exposes Fox News ‘Balance", posted with vodpod

Merry Christmas…

I wonder…is the wobbly newel post in Christmas Vacation an homage to the wobbly newel post in It’s a wonderful life?

Merry Christmas. Shitter was full. -Cousin Eddie

Have a great day, folks!

The Rogue Warrior!

Thanks, John!

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