The Preface

I am working on a couple blog postings related to the general reaction to bigoted comments by celebrities and how these things are dealt with. I have conflicting feelings, and so I am breaking them down into (current plan) two posts. One focusing on my problems with “silencing” people we do not like. The second post will address why I do understand that very tendency.

I am opening with this preface partially to ask that if you take issue with the first post, to wait and see if I address the concern in my follow up.

Overall, December may be ending in a blogging explosion of thoughts from me.

So…Um, Sorry

About the lack of presence here on the blog.  Life has had some big upsets and changes, none really things one wants to discuss, but I may share for folks who are finding their life hitting the same areas.  It could certainly be worse, but life is not without it’s downs at this time.

And In the Beginning…

You might have not noticed…but I was silent much of December.  The year ended very poorly.  I took an unexpected financial hit, had all sorts of projects, work was not going well…it all came together to make one of my lousiest Decembers ever.

So, here we are, 2013.  Still a lot of projects on my plate.  It will be a bit spotty over the next several months.  But hopefully for the positive.  Five days a week are not likely, but I hope to have a few posts a week. So, forget December…

Hope your New Year is off to a swell start!

The Last Blog I Will Ever Post…

In October of 2009.

I’ve been meaning to try my hand at video blogging.  My goal was a ten minute blog.  I ended up with about an hour and a half of footage to work with.  Granted, some of that was alternate takes.  I tried to be creative with it, seeing as how looking at me could get…uh…boring (oh, am I being generous).  So as I whittled it down, I got it down to twenty minutes.  Then I cut it in half, making two parts.  I apologize for going on so long.  But it was my first try at this.

Part one: (In which I speak of the philosophical humor of the Rob Zombie’s The Haunted World of El Superbeasto)

Part 2:  In Which I call Fred Dekker “Ted” at least twice.  I sincerely apologize to Fred.

Something I failed to mention about Night of the Creeps is the character names are all horror film directors.  If I do another, I think I will bang out more of a script, and only talk about one item… lessons learned…




So…sorry about not updating much in the last several weeks.  I opted to take Christmas week off and thought I would be back to a regular schedule at the start of the year.  But life takes its unexpected turns, and I found myself working non-stop.  Some video projects, but especially between my two jobs.  I am currently working around 80 hours a week, which means planned blogs (like a look at the recent X-Files film and thoughts on converting television shows to film and some more Christian Music That Doesn’t Suck columns) have kind of gotten the back seat.   I have not gotten to check around the net a whole lot lately, and apparently am missing a great many discussions I would have been more interested in discussing in the past, such as Heidi MacDonald’s piece regarding the lack of women in both the creative and decision making branches of mainstream comics (which got turned into, from my impression, a defense from indie fans and creators feeling slighted).  There was discussion over the Spirit movie.  This has actually inspired a bit of thought on visually stylish films such as 300 and Sin City.  Should films be too visually stylish?  I have seen some suggest that blending the sensibility of graphic arts and film doesn’t work.  And I do not agree.  But I have to work on this before I say more.  I have not even gotten to check in on blogs of friends to see where things are for them, which is a bummer.  I haven’t been in contact with many people due to my schedule, and it is leaving me feeling like a bit of a hermit.

Hopefully in the coming weeks I can find the rhythm to hammer these various thoughts out.

Artistic Goals and Dreams

Last weekend Bill asked the following:

I haven’t been around in awhile, so if this is a question you’ve already answered, I apologize. But what are your goals for your art? Are you a hobbyist, or do you aspire to ultimately go pro? Just curious.

I don’t know that I really have ever said much about my artistic goals. And while they include world domination, they are not solely limited to that. I’ve loved to draw since I was a small tadpole. Eventually, I will post some of the crude artwork attempted by a future half of me, pre-egg future sperm. But suffice to say…I never lost the love of drawing all these years. As a child, the dream was to draw comic books.

I loved comics as a kid. The art especially drew me in. My favorite artist in grade school was probably John Byrne.  And throughout grade school, junior high and high school I drew comic book ideas and kept trying to get better.  But after high school, everything felt to far away.  And so I started to try and be more practical.

So, as time went by, I started to set the dream aside as unrealistic, as many people are prone to do with their dreams.  But I still find myself loving the storytelling medium in general.  Comics especially…so I started a couple years ago to wipe the dust off of the dream.  I am currently working on a specific idea to start pitching.  Putting together a game plan. So, the answer to Bill’s question is that while I draw for fun, the hopeful goal is to enter the world of comics.  So, you know…I can learn to hate drawing and stop getting pleasure from doing it.