The Error of Defeat

So…Sony gave in and canceled the Interview in it’s entirety.  The so stupidly named Guardians of Peace and North Korea beat the studio.

People who believe in the freedom of speech, the right to protest and freedom of expression should be chilled.  And yet, I am seeing some folks opting to argue it is not a matter of concern.  The logic is that it does not look like the Interview was a particularly good film.  The problem is, that does not matter.  It does not look like all that great of a film, and yet a group of cyber-terrorists threatened 9/11 level attacks on movie theaters over it.

North Korea is an oppressive police state run by a murderous egomaniac.  And yet people are arguing that making a movie mocking said leader is over the line.  Sorry, but murderous dictatorships cross that line of decency long before movies that mock them do.

I am seeing people argue that people care about this movie cancellation, but they do not care about Eric Garner or the C.I.A. Torture report.  Except, almost every person I have seen express disappointment with the Sony decision were also people outraged over the various police killings of unarmed civilians and C.I.A. torture report.  It is possible to see all these things as problematic.

It is pretty naive to think that this will not embolden other groups to try similar tactics and threats to put a stop to something people do care about.  Just imagine if instead of the Interview, the group had opposed Selma in the name of the virtue of the South.  North Korea may not like being shown as an oppressive regime, but they are not doing the one thing that could change their image.  Not being a, you know, oppressive regime.  It is fair to call them on it.  It is fair to mock them for it.  Just as it is fair for comedians to call our nation out on injustice.

If Sony Were a Pretty Girl…

When people hacked the private accounts of young actresses in Hollywood and distributed naked photos not meant for public consumption, people were outraged.  There were angry writings about the criminality and mistreatment of these women.  And rightly so.  What was done then was a criminal and wrong act.

Yet, when Sony was hacked, and all sorts of private and personal information was being put out there that was never meant for public consumption, the same media types that were outraged over the naked pics of Jennifer Lawrence being stolen were picking through private Sony e-mails like they stumbled on a goldmine.

Suddenly, private e-mail conversations were news stories, and people were salivating at the indications of another dump like they were naked pics.  What can we find out about future movie plans?  What does this exec think of that actor?  Is there going to be a deal with Marvel over Spider-Man?

These are not leaks any more than the nude actress pics were leaks.  The hackers stole the info and are passing it out, just as the hackers did with the nude pics.  Let us not kid ourselves, this is not someone who discovered a great injustice and blew the whistle on it.  These are petty hackers, playing hacker games.  At worst, and if this is tied to North Korea, it is the move of an infantile dictatorship run by a baby throwing a tantrum out for revenge.  Over an absurd comedy starring Seth Rogan.  You do not get more pathetic than that.

People should be condemning the cyber-attack of Sony, not picking it clean for click bait.

Krypton and On…

So, apparently SyFy is moving forward with a pitch for a show about Superman’s home planet of Krypton.  It appears that they are working with Goyer and the focus will be the House of El.

But truth be told, I cannot see that as all that interesting.  What makes Superman who he is comes down to his being sent away from Krypton.  He is not who he is due to the House of El, he is who he is because of Earth, the Kents, Lois Lane and a host of other earthlings.

The only way I could see this truly being interesting is to be set centuries before the destruction of Krypton.  No House of El.  No preparing for the death of the planet.

Where Is the Hypocrisy?

I confess, I am really tired of the online Conservative meme of telling a tragic story about a cop being killed and asking “Where are the protests” acting as if there is some grand hypocrisy on display.

For example, the current version of this meme is this one.

It is a pretty terrible story.  Horrifying and tragic.  But it is not the story itself that has conservatives up in arms.  It is the fact that there have not been protests and marching in the streets.  And they see this as a criminally hypocritical proof of…well, something.

What is becoming increasingly clear with a large number of the vocal conservatives out there, is they do not really understand why people protest.  The purpose of it is lost on them.

Take this story for example.  Four criminals kidnap the white cop.  They force him to withdraw money and eventually kill him.  In the mind of conservatives, the reason there are no protests is because he is “the wrong color”….the cop is white.  This is a troubling viewpoint, because it shows that white conservatives have a massive victim complex…ironic since they are fond of telling black people to not play the victim.

But in reality, why are there no protests in the above case?

Who exactly are you going to protest?  Criminals?  These four men were not members of a government organization.  Tamir Rice, Mike Brown and Eric Garner were killed by police officers.  They were killed by the establishment.  This is what people are protesting.  Not merely that someone killed them.  But that the person who killed them did so with the sanction of the state.  And that this grants them cover they never would have had as regular citizens.  The very people who investigate them are their friends, co-workers and metaphorical family.  People are protesting that they cannot see justice, because their loved ones were killed by the government.  What organization was behind the death of Officer Kevin Quick?  None.  What grand jury said there was no need to indict these men?

I have explained this before, I will do so again.

When a police officer is killed?  It is viewed solely through the lens of a tragedy.  Al Sharpton does not pop up to declare the officer had it coming.  That Quick’s killers were acting in self defense, it is a dangerous job, so you cannot expect them to take risks, cause they just wanted to get home to their families.  Nobody has to defend the officer’s honor against accusations of thuggery.

The perpetrators do not get the benefit of a grand jury deciding that there is not enough evidence to take them to trial.  If you kill a cop?  You are going on trial.  And with only the rarest of exceptions?  You will go to prison.  You will pay a price for killing a cop.  Choke a man to death and people will say “Hey, it was his fault anyways”.

Officer Kevin Quick’s tragic death is not being protested because the people behind it were criminals, not the state.


The Disconnect Is Amazing

Seriously…how is it that the same people I know who are most distrustful of Government are the same people who seem certain that every death at the hand of a cop is justified?

What do these folks think cops are?  They are an extension of our government.  And somehow, people who do not trust the government are okay with giving this extension of the government the right to kill citizens with no concern of consequences.

It seems for some people, when it comes to police officers, no amount of negligence or incompetence resulting in the death of citizens is enough that we should question their actions.

By the way, the number of cops killed has been declining for decades, the homicide rate has been in decline but the number of people killed by cops has been increasing.

Cutting Off Air

Think about this.

Choke holds are banned in New York.

An officer used a choke hold on Eric Garner.

Garner was gasping out that he could not breathe.  The cop did not stop.

Garner died.

The coroner determined this was a homicide.

This was caught on video.

A grand jury just said this was not indictable.

If this is not probable cause for a trial…what is?

This is an injustice.  You can excuse it however you want.  But this is not mere cases of opposing views.  The grand jury in New York was fundamentally wrong.

The members of the grand jury were morons.